A downloadable game for Windows

A prototype of a game, or a short demo, if you will. A school work done by me where I research hot and cold media, and agency.

You control the character with the WASD-keys, and jump with the space-bar. The goal of the game is to wander through the forest and keep your phone charged. You also have to find areas where you have reception to make a call.

As the game looks now, there's only a couple of instances of energy that can charge your phone. There's nowhere you can make a call, and there's no way to win the game. The pause-menu is being worked on since it doesn't really pause the game, and won't always let you exit the game. 

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Published 35 days ago

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and click on the ChargeTheGame file to run.


ChargeTheGame_Data.zip 22 MB

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