Update 3

Hello! Once again, I am back with updates. Unfortunately, there isn't that much to talk about.

It seems that 2020/2021 isn't quite done with me yet, so I've had to take some time off working on the game for personal reasons.

I am working on the character menu, adding small things, and tweaking its appearance. I want it to look good and be easy to use :)

I have also finished Jun's path of the next chapter and I am almost done with Agnes', Mateus' and Fatima is almost fully outlined and ready to be written. Action and sweetness is already in the works, as some characters are more eager and open than others ;)

Obviously, I was very optimistic when thinking I'd be done in a snap. But I will - as they say - keep on keeping on.

I don't have much to share so I'll leave you with this and with the colored versions of those character sketches, I trust you know which is which by now :)

Have a great day/night!

- Hannah


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Can't wait!!